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Land of Dough Eco-Friendly Play Dough
Land of Dough Eco-Friendly Play Dough
Land of Dough Eco-Friendly Play Dough
Land of Dough Eco-Friendly Play Dough
Land of Dough Eco-Friendly Play Dough
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Land of Dough Eco-Friendly Play Dough

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Land of Dough is eco-friendly dough made from natural colors and compostable glitters to minimize the environmental impact of each product.  Handmade in small batches in a wind-powered facility using reclaimed landfill gas as a heat source, each batch is carefully crafted with sustainability in mind.  Each dough features a signature scent from a blend of organic chamomile, lemongrass, and lavender essential oils to add a wonderful calming dimension to the play experience.  Air dries after sculpting.
Unopened, Land of Dough products will last over a year. Once opened, you can enjoy more than 2 hours of active play time before you’ll want to rehydrate your dough. To rehydrate, simply wrap dough in a damp paper towel and place it in its container overnight. When not in use, dough can be stored in its container with the lid on in a cool place.


Over The Rainbow - Lucky you! Sparkling puffy clouds and a full-spectrum rainbow transport you to a land where dreams really do come true. 
Unicorn Dream - Make unicorn dreams come true! Perfect for imaginative play, mythical magic comes alive in a sparkling rainbow of pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, and cream.
Planet Earth - Part art. Part science. All fun. Explore our planet in a whole new way as you dig your way through the Earth's layers. 
Cherry on Top - Put some cherry cheer in your day!  Pluck ‘em fresh, mix ‘em in, and serve ‘em up!  This one says, I Love You CHERRY much!
My Treasure Island - X marks the spot. Three paces left and straight past the palm tree, you'll find a buried treasure of glittering gold.
Saturn Sparkle - Get outta this WORLD and be a planetary visionary!  Have a blast on this journey, and discover your own SPACE!
Dino - Dig, excavate, uncover and discover! Time to explore your inner ROARSOMENESS! 
Under the Sea - SPLASH! Dive in and discover what the commotion in the ocean is all about!


7 oz. of dough 
Ages: 3+ 
Contains wheat and almond oil

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