GLUX Super Putty
GLUX Super Putty
GLUX Super Putty
GLUX Super Putty
GLUX Super Putty
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GLUX Super Putty

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A new putty for the discerning putty enthusiast!

Suitable for ages 6+

Fidget - This putty has all the right feelz. It has a soothing texture made up of tiny beads and an exciting neon yellow color. Designed for maximum fidgeting.

Glow - This stuff glows like nothing I have ever seen. It just sucks up the sunlight and brilliantly radiates it back to you. In the light it is ghostly pale and in the dark it's a radioactive green. Great fun day or night.

Gold - Our resident alchemist has transformed plain putty into Gold GLUX. This putty is a rich beautiful shimmering gold. Bounce gold bars, make a golden melting arch, and squish this new lustrous super putty.

Iridescent - Think liquid metal or a blue morpho butterfly. In developing this Glux, we came upon a word for blue: "hoovaloo," meaning an intelligent blue. This GLUX is just full of intelligent blues as well as a spectrum of other colors.It's quite beautiful to look at & satisfying to smush & stretch.

Photo - This GLUX putty is sensitive to U.V. light, so it changes color in the sun. It. Bring it out on a bright day and it will turn blue. Place an object on it and you will create a silhouette print. Now that's the picture.

Magnetic - GLUX putty with attractive properties! It's infused with millions of magnetic particles. Includes a very powerful magnet to charge and demonstrate this putty's unique powers.

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